Are you an insurance broker?

Come find out why so many brokers around the world choose to use us as their MGA. We offer competitive contracts, and international experience you help you expand your portfolios.

What is awesome about being a broker?

Work Remotely

This job can be done from the comfort of your home completely remotely, or you can start down the path of your own agency.

Passive Income

You will create an income producing asset over the years that will create future dividends for yourself, or can be sold to interested parties.

Make A Difference

You will be selling products that can save people's lives and develop a professional relationship with clients all around the world.

What sucks about being a broker?


Sales is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of personality to be able to talk to strangers all day long and remain engaged. You are paid on commission only so if you are not good at this, you wont get paid.


Medical emergencies and other client issues are high stress situations, and as a broker it is your responsibility to help find resolve between all parties involved during disputes.


Brokers have to be very careful with their paperwork and job responsibilities. Your direct actions and recommendations that have serious implications on clients lives.

What does a broker do?

A platform that will help make your job easier and more organized.

Job Specifics

New Business

You will be responsible for sourcing your own leads, answering any potential client questions via email or phone, and accepting applications.
This is the process of the insurer assessing the risk of bringing on the client to their portfolio. During this process you will work with clients to fill out applications, and medical history forms. You will also have to help coordinate medical exams.
Most claim’s clients will be filing are very simple and you do not need to be of much assistance except to pass on the requirements for filing and show the client how to submit the paperwork. The larger claims can get very hairy on occasion though, especially when dealing with fraud cases, or when insurers and medical providers are not in agreement. This is where we will step in as your MGA to use our expertise and insurer contacts to help find an agreement between all parties. Some brokers do not have a thick enough skin for this part of being a broker, deaths and tragedies are a common occurrence in this industry.
Every year a client has the opportunity to renew their policy. Many times you simply are collecting payment for the renewal if the client is content with their current coverage. You will be responsible for addressing any cost concerns, submitting policy change request for new deductibles / dependents, or providing a better alternative to your clients if their circumstances change.
We offer some of the most competitive contracts in the industry. Broker contracts vary between insurers and what kind of production you sell during the year. The more you sell the higher your commission will become. Average contracts range between 15-30% of premium collected.
All major insurers offer incentives for you to sell their product. Many times this involves an all expense trip to a premier destination. Many times they will also offer free or discounted health insurance policies for yourself, or new technologies like laptops.
You will be an independent insurance agent and will be able to offer whatever products you want while working with us. We do recommend you approach us before signing with other MGA’s to see if we can match their offers, as we will not provide as much marketing or clients support for you if we do know our effects are not benefiting our agency.
We require brokers to have a Life & Health insurance license, preferably from the United States, as these are our two core products our agents focus on. Getting licensed will help you understand the common regulations and laws for the industry to make sure you do not make any mistakes.

Our Benefits

Broker Training

All training will be done online using video conferencing tools and recorded presentations we have done. Basic training generally takes between 1-3 months to complete before you are comfortable talking with clients, and it will take about a year before you will stop relying on our senior broker network to answer questions
We have an optional CRM that will work to track your leads and offer helpful sales tools.
Every file you may ever need from the insurers, all in one place.
Once you reach a certain threshold of production, you will become a senior broker that will help train newly recruited brokers and get overrides commission on them until they are fully trained.
We know you all want to move up in the insurance world. If you would like to hire a team below you, we are happy to help you with your goals and negotiate preferably contracts for all parties involved.
List all old underwriting offers we have ever received to be able to quickly reference for potential sales
We partner up with local agency’s in different regions around the world to be able to offer P&C products that you can use to upsell your clients. These agencies are trusted partners of ours that provide high level support to ensure your clients are taken care of.
All of the tools of our business will be able to be labeled to the best of our ability so that you can run your website, brands, etc with them. We are also able to help you integrate with our broker API.

How to get started

Contact with your

1. Insurance License & E&O Certificate

2. Your CV listing recent work history and relevant insurance experience

We will review your information and reach out to you. Do note, we do not like to contract brokers unless they have extensive insurance experience, or have potential clients that are interested in products.